My Favourite Jewellery Pieces

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Gold triangle studs from Brandy Melville
I bought these beauties last year so they won't be available at Brandy anymore (sorry) which you can clearly tell from the scratches and wear and tear on their surface. These ear jackets are a three piece set with two triangles and a backing, one sitting below the earbud and one through your piercing that looks really unique and allows many compliments to come your way.

Gold ring from H&M
I bought this little ring on a whim at H&M and have worn it so many times since then, leading me to become more and more of a ring person and wanting to invest in some more expensive pieces in a similar style. Although I have a neutral undertone, I wear more gold pieces (such as this one) because they match my the colours that I chose to wear much more than the majority of silvers.

Asymmetrical earrings from Mango
These are probably my absolute favourite earrings that I own. I even included them in my own stylist photoshoot since I loved them so much! They are unique, create a statement while being simple enough to go with each and every outfit. If I could, I would probably wear these every day but that wouldn't provide much variety haha!

Heart shaped hoops from Asos
These gold plated sterling silver hoops are a little difficult to put on since you have to open the thin wires and then close them back after putting them through your ear. However, they are simple, small and sit securely in your ear while providing a little surprise since they take the shape of a heart in profile.


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